Tulsa Zoo: Explore Tulsa

The Tulsa Zoo, located in Mohawk Park, is home to over 85 acres of wildlife, exotic animals, and educational experiences. You will enjoy viewing exhibits that feature animals from all over the globe including tropical, island, African, Asian, and the children's petting zoo. Additionally, each showcase provides a detailed description of all the animals within, thus the Tulsa Zoo is both a fun and educational experience perfect for the entire family.

Grizzly Bear at Tulsa Zoo - Explore Tulsa.jpg


Robert J. LaFortune Wildlife

This 4-building complex was completed in 1978 and features animals that adapt in to life in water conditions, dessert, cold, and forest. This one showcases grizzly bears, Siberian Cranes, chinchillas, seahorses, and more.


Comprised of a spacious outdoor island in the park, this area gives chimpanzees access to a vivid climbing structure, ropes, cargo nets, and ample vegitation. Head over to the cageless area for an unobstructed view of these creatures up close. The indoor area provides for convenient all year long viewing as well. 

Penguin Area

Opened to the public in 2002, this oceans and islands exhibit showcases penguins, sea lions, and an aesthetic flamingo colony. See the animals with a simulated natural habitat that features a natural water simulator, rocky coast setting, and more.

For more information on the other exhibits and offerings of the Tulsa Zoo, please visit them online at tulsazoo.org.