Did you forget?

Did you remember that today is Valentine’s Day? If you forgot, don’t go scrambling for those tired old truck-stop roses just yet. We’ve got a better idea that just might fool your significant other into thinking you spent a lot of time sitting around thinking up a brilliant plan to impress her.

First, pick up the phone and call us at (918) 744-5500 to reserve one of our gorgeous rooms. Add the deluxe romance package, and you’ll find chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne, and a dozen roses waiting for you in your room when y’all arrive. We’re booked up solid for tonight, but if you hurry, there are still a couple of rooms available for this weekend, or you can just pick up a gift certificate and tell her you thought she’d rather pick her own date instead of conforming to Madison Avenue’s schedule. (Bonus points if you suggest the anniversary of your first date. Women LOVE it when you remember stuff like that. If you’ve forgotten what day that was, bribe her best friend to find out for you.)

Next, play her something like this:

Trust me on this: Chicks dig Neil Diamond. Especially Neil Diamond singing “Play Me” live in concert. Don’t believe me? Go to his next show and count the panties on the stage after he sings this. If she’s not impressed by a night at The Campbell and young, hot Neil Diamond singing “Play Me” live in concert sometime around 1974, you probably need to reconsider your relationship, because that girl ain’t right.

Just kidding. Sort of. Maybe. But seriously: A gift certificate to The Campbell will get you out of a LOT of trouble if you’re just now getting around to shopping for Valentine’s Day. And if your relationship isn’t quite to that luxury-hotel-with-all-the-bells-and-whistles point yet … well, we have Spa Maxx gift certificates, too. Hook her up with a pedicure and a massage. She’ll love it, and she’ll love your thoughtfulness.

Judging from the status updates coming across my Facebook feed this morning, “thoughtful, sensitive guy” is way better than “dork who forgot Valentine’s Day and rustled up something crummy at the last second.”

You’re welcome. ;)

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