Public service announcement

Attention, Route 66 travelers: The intersection of 11th Street (Route 66) and Yale Avenue is … well, frankly, a mess. The good news is that the city is putting in some cool new Route 66-themed streetscaping that will probably look awesome when it’s finished. The bad news is that the construction zone necessitated by this work is a little confusing. Not impassable, but definitely worth slowing down and paying attention.

If you slow down, pay close attention to the signs that have been put up to direct you, and drive sensibly, you should be fine, but if you’re concerned about it, you have a couple of detour options.

Detour 1: Take Sheridan Avenue north to Admiral Place, follow Admiral west to Harvard, and take Harvard south to 11th. (Eastbound travelers, reverse these directions, obviously.) Admiral was part of Route 66 in its early days, so you’ll still catch part of the old road, and just south of Admiral, Harvard runs right past Ann’s Bakery, which has some of the best pastries in town, so there’s that.

Detour 2: Take Sheridan Avenue south to 15th Street, follow 15th west to Harvard, and take Harvard north to 11th. (Eastbound travelers, you know the drill, right?)

If you want to eat at Tally’s but don’t want to mess with the construction zone, take Sheridan to 15th, then follow Yale north. About half a block shy of 11th, you’ll see a teachers’ supply store on your left, with a big parking lot next to it. If you turn in at that parking lot, you can drive around the back of the building to reach the Tally’s parking lot while avoiding most of the construction mess. Just use caution as you leave the parking lot, as you may encounter some confusion when you try to get back onto 11th.

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