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One of the great things about being on Route 66 is the opportunity to make new friends from faraway places.

Yesterday, we had the privilege of giving photographer Martin Smith a guided tour of Tulsa’s share of Route 66. We made it as far east as Catoosa and as far west as the outskirts of Sapulpa, taking in the popular 11th Street alignment of the old highway and the older, less-well-known path that followed Admiral Place before dropping south on Lewis to pick up Second Street and wind its way through downtown.

Mr. Smith, who is managing director of Mr Smith World Photography, made his first Route 66 trip a few years ago and has traveled the historic highway several times since, shooting colors and textures, sunrises and sunsets, rusted cars and glowing neon signs, documenting the fabled road all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica. Above is one of his most recent photos — a lovely black-and-white shot of our old cetacean friend in Catoosa.

If you’re in the mood for a vicarious journey along the Mother Road, click on over to his website, where you’ll find a vibrant assortment of Route 66 images for sale. Don’t miss his other work, including an extensive collection of black-and-white photos of London and a gorgeous panoramic shot of a snowtorm in New York.

Interested in traveling Route 66 yourself? While you’re in Tulsa, be sure to book a night or two at The Campbell Hotel. Located right on Route 66 in the heart of Tulsa, we offer a Route 66 Suite, special discount for Route 66 travelers, and complimentary guided tours of Tulsa’s share of Route 66. (Tours subject to availability; reservations highly recommended.) Call (918) 744-5500 or visit to book your room.

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