Historic Treasure: Clinton-Hardy House

Located on a quiet street just south of downtown Tulsa, the Clinton-Hardy House, 1322 S. Guthrie Ave., the Clinton-Hardy House features all the simplicity and grace of an 18th-century colonial New England home.

Constructed in 1919 and 1920, the large but modest home features neat, symmetrical windows; a port-cochere at its north end, balanced by a matching porch at its south end; and a Georgian entrance supported by Doric columns on the front.

According to the Tulsa Preservation Commission, the Clinton-Hardy House has historical significance in Tulsa: As one of the earliest large houses built near the Arkansas River south of downtown, it helped direct the city’s growth southward. TPC reports that Amelia Earhart visited the home in 1934.

The Clinton-Hardy House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. To get there from The Campbell Hotel, turn left on 11th Street and follow Historic Route 66 west to Guthrie. Turn left on Guthrie; the house will be about two blocks down, on your right.

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