On the first day of Christmas …

Congratulations to Kasey, our first winner in Spa Maxx’s inaugural 12 Days of Christmas makeover contest!

Here she is before the girls got started — just taking it easy on a bright Saturday morning:

Kasey’s pretty smile and golden locks gave the girls a head start on that making-their-client-beautiful assignment. :)

Katie started things off with a manicure and pedicure. Very relaxing.

After Kasey’s nails were taken care of, Sarah went to work on her makeup, while Audra styled her hair. Kasey prefers a more natural look, so Sarah kept her makeup subtle, while Audra gave her hair a slight trim and added some big, loose curls to frame her face.

Here are the results of their handiwork: understated makeup that brings out Kasey’s pretty eyes and great smile, and soft, slightly tousled curls to give her hair extra body. Kasey still looks like Kasey; our artists have just found ways to flatter her and call attention to her best features with a comfortable, natural look that suits her easygoing style. (We didn’t get a picture of her nails, but Katie stuck to the theme with a simple manicure that left her nails looking neat, healthy, and natural.)

If you’d like some help highlighting the things that make you look and feel beautiful, call Spa Maxx to book an appointment for a consultation or makeover. We have a full line of spa services available to fit your needs — be it a soft, natural look or a dramatic change. Call us at (918) 744-5500 to find out about your options. Our makeover contest is still going, too; click on over to our Facebook page to sign up, and you could be our next winner!

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2 Responses to On the first day of Christmas …

  1. Kim says:

    Will we get to see all the girls before and after pictures who won?

    • Emily says:

      We were so excited about doing the makeovers that we forgot to get all the befores and afters, but we’ll have a list of winners and a few photos up later today. Stay tuned!

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