Odds and ends

A few tidbits of news from Route 66 here in Tulsa:

1. The traffic circle at 11th and Elgin is finished, and 11th Street is open in both directions, so following Route 66 should be much easier for eastbound travelers.

2. A couple of confusing signs have been replaced/relocated. For many years, a sign on East 11th Street directed people to the “Mingo Greenway” alignment of Route 66. The only problem with the sign? It was located a couple of blocks west of where it should have been, so instead of directing travelers onto Mingo, it sent them into a residential neighborhood that was never part of Route 66. Oops. City workers have now moved the sign to its correct location. Another point of confusion has been cleared up on Admiral Place. At some point, a Historic Route 66 sign next to the eastbound lanes of Admiral was taken down to make way for a bus stop sign. The shield has now been replaced, eliminating a potential source of confusion. (Never fear, bus riders: The bus stop sign is still there, too; it’s just mounted above the shield on the same post.) Many thanks to Dennis Whitaker with the City of Tulsa for his efforts in getting both of these signage issues corrected.

3. If you have a hand free tomorrow afternoon, you might head over to the Route 66 interpretive plaza near the Arkansas River. The new Cyrus Avery sculpture is being dedicated at 2 p.m. Several members of the Avery family will be on hand for the dedication, along with various Route 66 and local dignitaries. Stop by and see the statue; it’s quite impressive. It’s located at the intersection of Southwest Boulevard and Riverside Drive.

4. Several new businesses are going in along Route 66. A new coffeehouse is going in at the former George Tunes Auto Repair shop on 11th Street, and a strip of Plains Commercial storefronts is undergoing restoration. These projects are the latest in a series of privately funded historic preservation and redevelopment efforts along the 66 corridor in recent years. The Campbell Hotel is very proud to be part of the ongoing Route 66 renaissance and is excited to see new neighbors moving in and helping revitalize this road we love.

Why not come check out all these exciting developments for yourself? Spend a night at The Campbell Hotel, soak up some history, and explore Tulsa’s share of Route 66. We’ll even give you a free guided tour of the Mother Road from the Blue Whale in Catoosa to the outskirts of Sapulpa if you request it in advance. To book your room and schedule your tour, call (918) 744-5500.

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