The perks of good citizenship

Attention, Tulsa: If you vote today, there’s coffee in it for you. Several local businesses are offering discounts and/or freebies if you show your “I Voted” sticker. So far, we’ve heard about the following offers when you bring in your sticker:

1. Free coffee at Dilly Deli.
2. 15 percent discount at Foolish Things.
3. Free coffee and apple pie at some McDonald’s locations.
4. Free soft drink at Back Alley Blues & BBQ.
5. 10% discount on drinks at Kaffe Bona South.

If you know of any we’ve missed, please visit our Facebook page and leave a comment or Tweet @CampbellHotel so we can pass the word along. And if  you haven’t yet — go vote! We know some of you are history buffs. Election Day is history in the present tense. Be part of it!

UPDATE: Antoinette Baking Co. is giving away free mini sugar cookies until 4 p.m. when you bring in your sticker. Stay tuned for more updates. And be sure to follow us on Twitter — we’re RTing all the offers we see.

UPDATE 2: Ida Red is giving a 40 percent discount on a USA T-shirt when you show your “I Voted” sticker.

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