Don’t forget to vote!

Tomorrow is Election Day, but early voting started Friday in Tulsa. If you would like to vote today, you can go to the Tulsa County Election Board office at 555 N. Denver before 6 p.m. to cast your ballot. If you’d rather wait to vote on Election Day, you can go to your regular polling place tomorrow between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Oklahoma’s proof-of-identity law, passed in 2010, requires that you present one of three forms of identification when you go to the polls: 1. a current government-issued photo ID; 2. the voter identification card sent to you by the County Election Board; or 3. a signed affidavit (provided at the polling place) that will allow you to vote a provisional ballot. Fox 23 has details on voter ID policies and procedures here.

If you’ve misplaced your county-issued voter ID card and aren’t sure what precinct you’re in or where your polling place is, you can get that information from the Tulsa County Election Board. The Election Board’s site also has information about voter identification, voter registration (it’s too late to register for this election, but if you missed out, you might as well go ahead and register now, while you’re thinking about it, so you’ll be eligible next time) and other election-related issues.

If you live outside Tulsa, you can Google “voter information,” and a box will pop up where you can enter your address. (Make sure it’s the address you used when you registered to vote — and while we’re on the subject, make sure you keep your address information up to date so you can vote in all the elections that affect your neighborhood. Ballots vary by precinct, so it’s important to update your voter registration when you move.)

When you enter your address, a screen will pop up, showing a ballot summary, the address of your polling place, and a link to a map and directions to help you find it.

By this point in the campaign, most of us probably know which candidate we’re going to support, but if you’ve been too busy to follow the election, or you’re just sick of both candidates and aren’t sure which one deserves your vote, don’t give up! There are plenty of good online tools to help you figure out which candidate’s views most closely match your own, and most of them don’t take very long to use. There’s a pretty good one at; just pay attention to all the options, including the scale ranking the importance of each issue, to get the most accurate result.

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