Halloween at The Campbell

Recipe for a happy Halloween:

100 lbs. of assorted candy
285 bags of popcorn
50 pizzas
2 full sheetcakes
1 photo booth
1 clown
2 face painters
1 light show
5 games
1 DJ
1 dozen hotel employees, spouses, and sidekicks
1 press release
Umpteen last-minute Wal-Mart runs
Fake cobwebs, confetti, prizes, and assorted decorations to taste

Mix candy. Divide into 450 small plastic bags. Secure with twist ties. Cut cake and pizzas into single-serving slices. Add clown, face painters, games, light show, and DJ. Mix gently. Send press release to local media. Fold in hotel employees, spouses, and sidekicks. Sprinkle with Wal-Mart runs. Garnish with cobwebs, confetti, prizes and decorations as desired. Let rise for six weeks. Warm gently in beautiful, historic hotel for three hours on a glorious autumn evening. Serves 1,200.

Here is what a happy Halloween looks like:


Hope you had a happy Halloween, too. :)

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2 Responses to Halloween at The Campbell

  1. Ginna Langston says:

    Thank you Campbell Hotel for letting me volunteer to help with this. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and can’t wait to help again next year.

  2. Emily says:

    Thank you for helping! It was a really great event, and the kids were adorable.

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