Tips from Spa Maxx: Healthy hair

This week’s beauty advice comes to us courtesy of Spa Maxx stylist Audra, who offers these tips to keep your hair looking great this fall:

1. Don’t dry it out. That hottest setting on the blow dryer can be tempting on cold mornings, but don’t give in. Instead of washing your hair in the morning and then heating it to remove the water, Audra recommends you shampoo it in the evening and allow it to dry naturally overnight. You can always touch it up with a blow dryer and product the next morning to get sleepy “kinks” out. A quick touchup is much less damaging than a lengthy session with a hot dryer.

2. Change up your color. Many of us love that summer beach-blonde look, but fall is a good time to give your hair a break. “Go a bit darker for fall,” Audra suggests. “Color is less damaging and drying on hair than bleach.” Avoiding heat treatments and harsh bleaches can help preserve moisture and prevent damage.

3. Clean up. How many times have you gotten up on Nov. 1 to discover that the temporary color, glitter, or other enhancement you sprayed onto your hair for last night’s party wasn’t quite as temporary as you thought? Don’t panic. A good clarifying shampoo such as Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash will remove stubborn product and restore your hair to its rightful color.

Could your hair use a new look for fall? Spa Maxx offers a full line of hair services, including perms, color, cuts, keratin treatments and more. Visit or call (918) 744-5500 for more information.

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