A view from the bridge

A few weeks ago, we posted pictures of part of the “East Meets West” sculpture that’s being installed on Route 66 here in Tulsa. On Thursday morning, the remaining pieces of the sculpture arrived at Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza. Workers are installing them this week. It’s quite a project, as the bronze sculpture is roughly one-and-a-half times life size. Here are a few photos:

Look at that huge crane they’re using to assemble the sculpture. 

You can get an idea of the scale by looking at the workers.

They picked a blustery morning to start installing the sculpture. A cold front moved through Tulsa on Thursday morning, dropping temperatures and bringing wind and rain. If you look at the flags in the background, you can see how windy it was.

Here’s a better view of the sculpture. The horses are ginormous.

The positioning of the plaza is deliberate: Just behind the wagon, you can see the old Eleventh Street Bridge, which carried Route 66 traffic across the Arkansas River, linking the east side of Tulsa to the rich oil fields on the west side of the river. To the left of the bridge, the current alignment of Route 66 stretches off into the distance.

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