Historic Treasure: McFarlin Building

Built in 1918 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, the McFarlin Building was designed in Florentine style, according to the Tulsa Preservation Commission’s website. The building’s upper floors are brick, with ornamentation on its large cornice, stone balconies, and colorful crests, while the lower floor features stone arches above the entrances.

The McFarlin Building was named for businessman Robert M. McFarlin. According to Wikipedia, McFarlin was born in 1866 and, like many businessmen of his day, made his fortune in oil drilling. In 1910, McFarlin helped organize the Exchange National Bank of Tulsa, whose downtown Tulsa headquarters is also on the National Register.

The McFarlin Building is located at 11 E. Fifth St. in downtown Tulsa — the corner of Fifth and Main. To get there from The Campbell Hotel, turn left on 11th Street (Route 66) and head west until you reach Elgin Avenue. Follow the roundabout at Elgin to make the jog onto 10th Street and continue west to Boston Avenue. Turn right on Boston, then left on Fifth Street. The McFarlin Building will be on your right at the end of the block.

McFarlin’s home at 1610 S. Carson Ave. is also on the National Register. (We’ll have more about that in a future article.)

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