Scenes from our Event Center

Due to our recent technical difficulties – which followed Murphy’s Law to the letter by occurring just as we were trying to upload a gallery to share with visitors to a bridal show last weekend — we were unable to share this post here. Now that we’ve (hopefully) sorted out our messy geeky-techy problems, we can share that gallery with you. Here’s the original post:

Brides! Are you looking for ways to ensure that your happily ever after begins with a beautiful and memorable ceremony and reception? Take a look at some of the clever ideas our guests have come up with:

If you need more inspiration, check out our Campbell Wedding Inspiration board on Pinterest, where we swipe — er, we mean, pin — great ideas from all over the Internet. Don’t miss our other boards, either — we’ve got party ideas, Tulsa tourist attractions, terrific local restaurants, history, Route 66, and more. Follow us!

If you like what you see in the slideshow, give us a call at (918) 744-5500 and ask for Diane Gawey-Riley. She can give you a tour of our beautiful facilities, talk with you about pricing, and help you decide whether The Campbell Hotel is the right venue for your fairytale wedding.

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