Whale of a morning

Blue Whale caretaker Blaine Davis, left, visits with Gwen, Cheri and Julie during their tour.

One of the most fun parts of working at The Campbell Hotel is the opportunity to meet travelers and introduce them to our favorite Tulsa-area attractions.

Earlier this week, we met Gwen, Julie and Cheri, who were driving down Route 66 as part of a cross-country adventure. All three women are originally from Oregon, but Julie, who lives in Wisconsin, is moving to California, so Gwen and Cheri came along to help her move. The trio decided to take Route 66 for part of their trip.

They learned about The Campbell Hotel from our friend Connie at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Mo., who was kind enough to recommend us. If you like what we’ve done at the Campbell, you’ll love the Wagon Wheel, as Connie shares our passion for historic preservation and has poured untold amounts of time, money and energy into restoring her property and turning it into a beautiful boutique motel that honors its history while surrounding travelers with all the comforts of the present. Sound like anybody else you know? ;)

The intrepid travelers e-mailed us to inquire about prices and decided to stay with us after finding out about our Route 66 Suite, Route 66 discount and free guided tour of Route 66 in the Tulsa area. (In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty proud of our location here on the Mother Road.)

Julie gets a whale's-eye view of her surroundings.

Our tour included both alignments of Route 66 through Tulsa — 11th Street and Admiral Place — and took us as far east as Catoosa, where we drove across the bridge at Molly’s Landing and paid a visit to the Blue Whale, before returning to Tulsa to visit the outdoor interpretive center on Mingo and cruise past the Circle Cinema, Blue Dome and other great Tulsa attractions. We took a quick detour over to Third and Trenton to see the famous Church Studio, where Leon Russell recorded, and cut through the Pearl District to avoid a construction zone on eastbound 11th.

At the end of the tour, we sent them on their way with copies of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association Trip Guide, a good lunch recommendation, and hopefully a few fun memories of their trip.

If you’d like the Route 66 red-carpet treatment, give us a call at (918) 744-5500. When you book your room, ask for the Route 66 discount, and let us know if you’d like a tour. (Tours are subject to availability, but we can usually accommodate you if we have advance notice.)

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