Special ingredients

Another vintage ad, courtesy of the Aug. 31, 1935, edition of Collier’s that Aaron’s crew found while working on an old building down the street:

The text reads:

3 GOOD REASONS why Ingram’s will give you better shaves

1 SOFTENS YOUR WHISKERS Ingram’s direct wilting action takes all the fight out of whiskers. Softens them right down to the skin line!

2 CONDITIONS YOUR SKIN Ingram’s unique lubricating action tones and smooths your skin, makes your razor glide without a scuff or skip.

3 COOLS YOUR SKIN Ingram’s famous cooling action gives you comfortable shaves from start to finish. No rawness; no lotion needed.

Three special ingredients are put into Ingram’s Shaving Cream to give you these three special shaving helps – 1st, faster and more thorough softening of whiskers. 2nd, proper preparation of your skin for the razor. 3rd, coolness and comfort, while you are shaving and for several hours after.

One quick, cool once-over will sign you up for life as a happy Ingram’s shaver! And your shaves will cost less. Ingram’s is concentrated; three months of good shaves in each tube or jar.


110 Washington St., New York, N.Y.
I’m in favor of better shaves! Send me the free 10-day tube of Ingram’s.  

Is anybody else looking at this guy and wondering exactly what those “three special ingredients” are?

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