Five things to love about Tulsa

Need an excuse to take a weekend trip to Tulsa? Here are five, in no particular order, within two miles of The Campbell Hotel:

1. Great Mexican food. El Rancho Grande, said to be the oldest continuously operating Mexican restaurant on Route 66, is less than a mile west of our door. Meanwhile, a quarter-mile west of us, the colorful Fiesta Mexicana food truck serves some of the best street tacos in town.

2. Fabulous architecture. We’ve bragged about this before, but really: Tulsa has some of the most gorgeous buildings in the country. Above is the Art Deco spire that rises above the old Warehouse Market at 11th and Elgin, just 1.8 miles west of The Campbell Hotel. The building, festooned with colorful terra cotta accents, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Awesome neon signs. The one above is among the most spectacular. It once stood atop a low-slung building at 11th and Lewis, advertising Meadow Gold dairy products. When a car dealer demolished the building, the community rallied to save the sign. With help from private donors and a National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program grant, the sign was rescued, moved, and restored atop a small interpretive plaza about a mile and a quarter east of The Campbell Hotel.

4. The Circle Cinema. Impossible to overlook with its animated neon marquee, this Tulsa landmark is undergoing extensive restoration. Next door, the Circle 2 shows independent films in a small, intimate setting, using revenue from ticket sales to help finance the restoration work.

5. Petroliana. It stands to reason that the Oil Capital of the World would have a generous helping of historic gas stations. Nostalgia buffs won’t want to miss the Vickery station at 6th and Elgin, a Phillips 66 station that was restored a few years ago and repurposed as a car rental office. It is one of several well-preserved stations along the Route 66 corridor in Tulsa.

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