Word to the wise

While working in an old gas station on Route 66 a few blocks west of the Campbell, Aaron and his crew found a bedraggled copy of Collier’s magazine dated Aug. 31, 1935. It’s a little worn — water-damaged in some places, mouse-eaten in others — but enough of it remains intact to provide a fascinating peek into the past.

Here’s one of the more amusing ads, advising viewers, “NEVER GO COURTING IN SUMMER UNLESS…”

Here’s the text:

“I’m sorry, Betty. Shouldn’t have kissed you without asking first.”
“Don’t be old-fashioned, darling. Only — it’s too hot to be affectionate. I’m tired, have a headache. So let’s say goodnight.”

“Sis, you sent your distinguished suitor away rather glum. What’s the matter — too old for you?”
“Of course not. Men should be older. But … well … summer’s not the season for courting unless you’re careful to use Lifebuoy and avoid ‘B.O.’”

A few feet away stood the offender … he’d come back for his pipe … overheard

“I say, Lifebuoy is refreshing! I feel like a lad. I’ll use it from now on and play safe with ‘B.O.’”

“B.O.” GONE … romance blooms
“So you’re content to be an ‘old man’s darling,’ Betty dear?”
“Nonsense! You’re so trim and chipper-looking these days, I’m proud as a peacock!”

“Half the secret of your charm, my dear, is your lovely, clear skin”
“A compliment from one Lifebuoy ‘fan’ to another!”

Fresh, sparkling complexions — and no “B.O.” to spoil the picture! Abundant even in cold water, Lifebuoy lather purifies — deep-cleanses both face and body pores. Yet “patch” tests on the skins of hundreds of women show it is more than 20% milder than many so-called “beauty soaps.”

No time to trifle with “B.O.”

These hot, sultry days pores give off even more than their usual quart of odor-causing waste. It’s up to every one of us to play safe! Lifebuoy baths cool, refresh, deodorize pores, protect against offending. You’ll notice that the quickly-vanishing Lifebuoy scent is extra-clean!

Approved by Good Housekeeping Bureau

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