“Laundry Lady” keeps Campbell comfortable

This is Lisa. If you ask her what her title is, she’ll tell you it’s “laundry lady,” but her job involves much, much more than simply keeping the linens fresh and clean.

“I don’t know what the title is, actually,” Lisa laughs. “I’m still wondering.”

A former nurse’s aide at St. John, Lisa has been with the Campbell since it opened last year, but she has worked for the owners’ other businesses since 2008.

She says she enjoys working at the Campbell “just to be able to see the beautiful rooms and different scenery.”

Those clean, comfortable sheets, fluffy towels, and soft bathrobes in your room are Lisa’s handiwork. If housekeeping happened to be short-staffed the morning before you checked in, chances are good she was also the one who made your sink sparkle, left a few fresh K-cups next to your coffee maker, and dusted your furniture, too.

If you forget something in your room, Lisa or another member of the housekeeping staff will make sure it finds its way to the lost and found so you can retrieve it.

“We found a set of jacks. We found Uno cards. Lots of plugs — phone chargers,” she says. “We get a lot of socks left in the bed.”

Lisa estimates that each room takes an average of 25 to 30 minutes to prepare for the next guest. That preparation includes stripping the bed, making it up with fresh sheets, replacing the towels, taking out the trash, cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom, dusting the furniture, cleaning the floor, and restocking the room with toiletries, spare towels, coffee, bottled water, and a soft, fluffy bathrobe or two.

“I just always have liked cleaning,” Lisa says. “Just something I’ve always loved to do, because I like a clean house.”

We like a clean house, too — and we love Lisa, who makes sure you and all our other guests have a clean home away from home when you come to stay with us.

To reserve one of our beautiful rooms, call (918) 744-5500 or visit us online at We look forward to meeting you!

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