Campbell trivia

The Tulsa Historical Society is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to track down the stories that come with one of our city’s historic buildings. During the course of his research into the history of the Campbell, owner Aaron Meek obtained a list the Historical Society compiled from old phone books showing all the tenants of the Max Campbell Building from 1927 to 1960.

During that period, the building — which was among Tulsa’s first shopping centers — housed the Casa Loma Hotel upstairs, with space for up to 10 businesses downstairs.

Over the span of 33¬†years, those 10 spaces housed at least 58 different businesses at various times, including four drugstores; seven grocery stores; seven restaurants; four barber or beauty shops; a candy store; three bakeries or doughnut shops; five hardware stores; a paint store; two dry-goods stores; a radio shop; four shoe repair businesses; a popcorn store; a photo studio; a Ben Franklin dime store; a doctor’s office; an Army wholesale shop; a tire and appliance store; two office-supply stores; an electrician; a Watkins dealer; two sewing shops; a TG & Y; a cash register shop; a dry cleaner; an auto-parts shop; and two businesses whose products and services aren’t entirely clear.

Aside from the Casa Loma Hotel itself, the most enduring tenant was the Crawford Drug Company, which moved into the easternmost corner of the building in 1934 and stayed there at least through 1960, when the hotel closed.

Today, the Max Campbell Building continues its tradition, with a 26-room boutique hotel on its second floor. The first floor is home to the spacious Campbell Event Center, whose barreled ceilings and crystal chandeliers evoke the elegance of a bygone era; the luxurious Spa Maxx, which brings the building’s beauty-shop tradition into the 21st century with a full line of spa services, including hair, skin and nail¬†treatments, waxing, and therapeutic massages; and the comfortable Campbell Lounge, where visitors can unwind with a drink at the end of a long day.

Stop by for a drink, a few hours of “me time” at the spa, or a relaxing weekend in one of our uniquely decorated theme rooms. Call (918) 744-5500 or visit to make a reservation or arrange a tour.

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