Scenes from a boot camp

The Campbell Event Center was proud to host Sarah Roe, the Money Saving Queen, as she presented her Couponing Boot Camp workshop last week.

Roe outlined the various types of coupons, explained the difference between store coupons and manufacturers’ coupons, and advised shoppers to track prices of frequently used items to find out how often those items go on sale so they can stock up when prices are lowest.

She also provided links to several coupon websites and clipping services and suggested that shoppers contact the manufacturers of their favorite products to tell them how much they like those products and ask about discounts.

In addition to teaching shoppers how to feed their families inexpensively, she helped steer them away from ethical pitfalls and encouraged them to use their newfound bargain-hunting skills to maximize their ability to help others by finding deep discounts on products and then donating those items to charity. For instance, she said women’s shelters always need personal care items such as shampoo and feminine hygiene products – both of which can be purchased inexpensively by watching for in-store specials and coupons — while back-to-school sales make it easy to buy extra school supplies for needy children.

Roe also suggested collecting expired manufacturers’ coupons and sending them to military families stationed overseas, where commisaries will honor them for up to six months after their expiration date. (Due to the time required to ship items overseas, Roe said it’s best to send coupons that are less than three months out of date.) To donate coupons to military families, mail them to:

PSC 474, Box 700
FPO AP 96351-007

For more money-saving tips, coupon sources, and information about upcoming workshops, visit Roe’s website at

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