Bank on it

One of the interesting items Aaron and his crew found while working inside the former Little Giant service station on Route 66 was this old check from the Exchange National Bank of Tulsa:

It’s hard to see the background, but a closer look reveals the image:

Look familiar?

The bank building has been in downtown Tulsa since 1917. According to Wikipedia, it started as a 10-story building but was expanded to its current height in 1929, with the pinnacle designed to serve as a mooring for Zeppelins. The 400-foot-tall building has gone through several name changes as the bank reorganized, changed hands, and eventually moved. The structure, designed by George Winkler, is now known simply as the 320 South Boston Building.

The check above doesn’t have an exact date on it — someone started to write in the month but left the day and year blank, so it just says “July 193_” – but it must have been printed sometime between 1930 and 1933, as the bank reorganized in 1933 and changed its name to the National Bank of Tulsa.

The building is at the center of downtown Tulsa’s network of underground walkways that connect eight office buildings and several restaurants and other businesses. Stay tuned; we’ll explore the tunnels in a future post.

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