Black gold

Tulsa was once known as "The Oil Capital of the World." Pump jacks are still a common sight across the region. These are located just off of Historic Route 66 between Tulsa and Sapulpa.

Tulsa is the town that oil built. Initially settled by the Creek Indians in the 1800s, it was a relatively small community until oil was discovered on the west side of the Arkansas River. The Sue Bland No. 1, Tulsa’s first oil well, was drilled in 1901 in Red Fork, which is now part of southwest Tulsa. Businessmen poured into town with the discovery of the huge¬†Glenn Pool oil field, and the city became a boom town.

The wealthy “oil barons” who profited from the area’s vast fossil fuel reserves built many of downtown Tulsa’s beautiful Art Deco buildings, and the city continues to benefit from their philanthropic and cultural efforts.

This sculpture of a pentane molecule -- made of native Oklahoma stone that represents the region's geology -- is on display downtown. Pentane is the primary chemical building block for petroleum.

At the Campbell, we honor the investors who built our city with Room 225, our luxurious Oil Barons Suite.

This room features a dazzling skylight, a pair of queen-size four-poster beds, dual vanities, a whirlpool jetted tub, and a standalone shower to give guests a chance to experience a lifestyle fit for an oil baron.

Spend a night in luxurious comfort in our Oil Barons Suite.

To book your stay in the Oil Barons Suite — or any of our other beautiful rooms — call us at (918) 744-5500 or visit We look forward to serving you during your visit to the Oil Capital of the World!

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