Upgrading — excuse our dust!

We’re doing a bunch of techy-geeky-fancy-schmancy stuff to make our blog a little easier for you to access (and hopefully to make our site a little easier for visitors to find). If things get a little weird around here, please bear with us; we’ll sort it out as quickly as possible so you can get back to your regularly scheduled blog.

UPDATE: As you’ve probably noticed, we’re still working on our site improvements. You can read the front page of our blog just fine, and with the help of a little algebra and some careful Photoshopping, we’ve fixed the distortion on our blog header, but the links still aren’t working correctly, so searching the archive, commenting, and other related features are down.

We hope to have our technical issues completely resolved by next week. Thanks for putting up with us during this transition. In the meantime, if you need to look up an old post, they’re all archived at our original blog.

Don’t forget all the other ways to keep up with us online, too:

1. Check out our specials on Facebook, including our “Word of the Day” promotion (good for free low-point beer in the Campbell Lounge) and other discounts.

2. Follow us on Twitter for news, artsy Instagrams, and lots of enthusiastic chatter about Tulsa, Route 66, and other matters of great import.

3. Check out our Pinterest account for wedding and party inspiration, mouthwatering Tulsa food, quirky scenes from Route 66, and cool tidbits of Tulsa history.

Stay tuned. We’ve got some fascinating things to share just as soon as we get these electronic housekeeping hassles sorted out!

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