Class of ’59

The Rogers Class of '59 reunion started with a barbecue dinner on Friday evening. Aren't these checkered tablecloths cute?

The Will Rogers High School Class of 1959 held its 53-year reunion at the Campbell Hotel and Event Center this past weekend.

What a fun group! More than five decades after graduating, these Rogers Ropers still had the energy of teenagers as they kept up with a busy social calendar that included dinners, tours, and social events of all kinds.

We all fell in love with Tadpole the Japanese chin, who attended the reunion with his owners.

A few ladies managed to squeeze in a little pampering at Spa Maxx between the reunion activities, and several folks passed up our complimentary Continental breakfast in favor of bacon, eggs, and pancakes over at Tally’s Cafe, which is located at 11th and Yale, just three minutes down Route 66 from the Campbell.

Our lobby was full of stories and laughter all weekend as old friends swapped memories and teased each other with the kind of good-natured ease that only comes from knowing someone for decades.

A few fun facts:

• Will Rogers High School, which was built in 1939, has something in common with the Campbell Hotel: Both buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
• The Rogers Class of ’59 included two famous musicians: Elvin Bishop and Leon Russell. (No, the Master of Space and Time didn’t make it to the reunion, but you know we would have reserved Room 214 for him if he had.)
• According to the Web site, it cost four cents to mail a letter in 1959.
• The same site reports that in 1959, Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states; Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba; the first Grammy Awards ceremony was held; the L.A. Dodgers won the World Series; and Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife” was the No. 1 song.

Many thanks to the Class of ’59 for allowing us to share in the fun this weekend. We hope they enjoyed their time at the Campbell as much as we did.

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